• Correlation ID (Part 2)

    This post continues on from the first blog in the series and describes how to integrate spt-development-cid into a Spring Boot web project with spt-development-cid-web-spring-boot and how this can be used in conjunction with spt-development-logging-spring to quickly add useful logging to all layers of your web application.
  • Correlation ID

    This is the first in a series of blog posts that go into detail about a number of open source projects I have released, starting with spt-development-cid. spt-development-cid is a very simple library that utilises ThreadLocal for tracking a correlation ID similar to that described by Sam Newman, in Chapter 8 of his excellent book Building Microservices. If you have ever tried to support a system consisting of multiple services that doesn’t use correlation IDs, then you will understand their importance! Sam’s book describes the concept better than I would, so I urge you to read that if you require a deeper understanding.