Open Source Projects

Simon makes extensive use of open source projects such as Spring in his day to day work. In an effort to give back to the open source community, he has released a number of open source projects, the source for which is available on GitHub. The artifacts are also available in Maven Central for easy inclusion in your own Java projects. These projects are mainly aimed at adding logging and auditing and testing Spring Boot microservices.

A very simple library for getting/setting the current correlation ID, utilising ThreadLocal.
Library for integrating spt-development-cid into a web project. See also spt-development-cid-web-spring-boot, to integrate spt-development-cid-web into a Spring Boot project.
Library for integrating spt-development-cid into a Spring JMS (listener) project. See also spt-development-cid-jms-spring-boot, to integrate spt-development-cid-jms-spring into a Spring Boot project.
Library for adding logging to public @RestController, @Service and @Repository class methods and @JmsListener methods. See also spt-development-logging-spring-boot, to integrate spt-development-logging-spring into a Spring Boot project.
Adds auditing to your project through the use of annotations typically added to Service methods. See also spt-development-audit-spring-boot, to integrate spt-development-audit-spring into a Spring Boot project.
A collection of utility classes useful for unit and integration testing.

If you require development or consultancy related to these projects or any of the related technologies, then get in touch.